Fresh graduates seeking a job

The scenery after graduation can be quite daunting, armed with a degree and a boatload of expectations and well-meaning advice from friends, families and well-wishers, Graduates start out but soon the struggles and challenges eventually catch up with them.

Newbies into the labour market are often left confused.  Is this you?

Are you frustrated that your job searches so far are yielding no results, or you just don’t know where to start from?

Worry no more, we’ve got you covered.

Here are tips to keep you focused and make job seeking less of a hassle.

First of all,


Let’s begin with this very basic, very important tip which is a question.

What exactly do you want?

Yes, it’s easy to be caught up with the feelings of desperation that comes right after you graduate, but one way to ensure you don’t make a mess of your entry into the labour market is to pause and examine yourself by asking these fundamental questions.

Answering these questions for a start can narrow down what seems like too many choices and keep you from picking the wrong job.


Your CV is your first impression in the career world. A well-crafted CV can be a game changer in your job search and as a graduate you need every help you can possibly get. Before you start job seeking, take out time to edit your CV or in the instance that you don’t have one, create one immediately.

You could get one done by a professional or craft one by yourself. Don’t know how to?

Sign up on and be granted access to free trainings on CV writing.


The regular complaint heard from fresh graduates go along the lines of there not being Loads of jobs that don’t require experience. Though true, one way you can improve your chances of getting jobs, is to up skill to get more experience.

This particular tip cannot be stressed enough as some graduates are satisfied to rest on their laurels and hope to get jobs based on their qualifications, but this can backfire with the ways things are evolving in the labour market.

Recruiters are not just looking at qualifications anymore, they’re looking for creative thinkers and problem solvers. So, while you seek for employment, take out time to learn new skills and improve the ones you do have.

One good way to upskill is on training platform.

There you have access to a good number of free courses on a variety of topics and sectors. Sign up today on and get started.


Yes, it’s true that jobs that require fresh graduates are few and far between, however internship opportunities are numerous and readily available to graduates.

This is where you should focus your attention.


We believe that there are three tiers of workers and as a graduate you’re on the first tier which is The Apprentice.

At this tier you should be more focused on learning the ropes of your chosen path and internships are the best place to learn. So, search websites for internship positions.


The people you surround yourself with greatly determines how far you will go in the labour market. With this said, move out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to people that interest and motivate you. This opens you up to more opportunities to learn and grow as a new graduate.

There you have it. With these tips, your journey to getting your first job as a fresh graduate should be smoother.

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And you’re on your way to getting matched to your first job.

Good luck!