Run your payroll process timely and efficiently

Full administration of your team payrolls, wherever they are in the world, with compliance assured.

Meet your legal obligations and maintain compliance

  • Are you looking for experts who will ensure an effective and timely payroll process?
  • Do you need a partner on the ground whose mastery of local labour and tax regulations ensures 100% compliance?
  • Would a partner who can manage complex payroll calculations free you to focus on developing your core activity?

Managing a payroll across international borders can be a real challenge – from one country to the next, tax regulations, social contributions, employee benefits and individual circumstances can vary hugely. Compliance with all of these regulations is a non-negotiable part of doing business internationally, but it’s asking a lot of any in-house payroll team to have the expertise to navigate tricky calculations that differ for every country, stay on top of rules and regulations that can change at the drop of a hat, and ensure your employees are paid on time!

Aldelia can help. Our expert teams have been assisting businesses around the world to manage their payroll processes for local and remote employees for more than 18 years. As a Pan-African organisation with a global reach, our exceptional geographic footprint gives us the advantage of local, on-the-ground knowledge. Dedicated teams for each regional hub ensure 100% compliance with your obligations – to your employees and to the authorities in the territories you operate in.

Let us take care of managing your payroll process, timely and in compliance with local laws. 

Our Methodology


Collection, reconciliation, and processing of payroll data
Payroll & Tax calculations
Preparing and issuing payslips

Our services include:

Updating and transmitting annual statutory declarations
Employment declarations
Employee declarations
Preparing and issuing payslips
Payroll simulation
Payroll simulation for new staff
Management of personal
Management of personal and contractual data
Management and payement
Management and payment of all compulsory social contributions
Leave management
Provision for holiday pay and other benefits
Management of leaves balance
Management of leave balances
Management of workers compensation
Management of workers' compensation

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The largest geographic footprint of any HR provider in Africa
Strong global
A strong global network
Unique wealth
A unique wealth of local expertise
World class service
World-class service standards
Customer centric
Customer-centric, tailor-made HR solutions
Innovative and agile
Innovative and agile
Compliance at our core