Our approach to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG)

As a global Group with a focus on Africa and Latin America, Aldelia recognises the impact that good ESG practices can have on emerging economies and developed nations alike.  We believe that work offers people the best opportunity to live more fulfilling lives – provided that they are treated with dignity and respect, and employed on terms that comply with laws designed to protect the workforce from unscrupulous behaviour. 

Aldelia is a participant in the UN’s Global Compact, and is committed to meeting the fundamental responsibilities that agreement identifies in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption activities.  Intrinsically linked to the Global Compact, the UN has also identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals, adopted unanimously by the member states in 2015.  Aldelia’s ESG strategies embrace and support a number of these goals specifically, as well as the overarching principles they represent. 


Goal 10 - Reduced Inequality, both within and between nations - is addressed by our first and second strategic pillars. Pillars one, three, and four align with Goal 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth, which focuses on sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic development through productive employment and labour protections. Strategic pillar two contributes to Goal 5 - Gender Equality - while our fifth strategic pillar underlines our commitment to Goal 17 - Partnership for the Goals, strengthening the means of implementation and revitalising the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development.

Our 5 strategic pillars

Increasing the visibility and employability of local talents and unskilled workers
Increasing the visibility and employability of local talents and unskilled workers Our ‘on-the-ground’ approach, with established offices in 17 countries in Africa and a long-standing presence in Brazil, puts Aldelia in a unique position when it comes to highlighting local talent. Our global network and personal connection to the territories we work in also offers unprecedented access to local labour, both skilled and unskilled, promoting economic empowerment and supporting the development of emerging economies, while also saving clients the costs of relocation.
Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in recruiting practices
Aldelia is proud of its commitment to equity and equality of opportunity - we believe that the diversity of our own workforce is a source of exceptional strength. That commitment extends to our recruitment practices, in which discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, religion, or colour is prohibited. With over 20 nationalities represented, and female employees making up 57% of the Group’s teams, we practise the principles we preach.
Ensuring compliance at all levels of operations
Compliance sits at the core of everything we do. No matter where we are in the world, Aldelia ensures 100% compliance with local labour laws and regulations. HR compliance is a key tool in bridging the social divide – fair and ethical employment practices support economic empowerment and engagement.
Providing world-class standards of service with ISO 9001:2015 certification
We continuously measure and assess our quality of service against international standards, such as those required to achieve and maintain ISO certification. Among other criteria, ISO 9001:2015 measures an organisation’s adherence to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements – a standard we are proud to meet.
Participant in the United Nations Global Compact
Aldelia has been a committed participant in the UN’s Global Compact since 2009 – a set of principles for doing business in a way that ensures the prioritisation of human and labour rights, pro-environment and anti-corruption measures, as well as contributing to broad global sustainable development goals. Visit our profile here.

In 2023 Aldelia carried out an ESG audit through an independent agency. The objective was to assess the areas where we are doing well, and where there is work that remains to be done.  Although the overall outcome was positive, we identified new areas of growth to address and look forward to continuing to develop our commitment to ESG.