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Partner with a diverse and vibrant team, creating change to make a difference every day

Join Aldelia and become part of a team that’s creating a better future for people by delivering unique, innovative solutions that broaden the horizons of our employees, our candidates, and our partners alike.  Global HR specialists with an unparalleled Pan-African footprint, joining us can take you places you’ve never dreamed of. 

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We believe in partnership – with our teams as well as our clients and communities

Aldelia is a human-centric organisation, committed to creating better futures for people through the power of fulfilling work.  We believe in partnership – with our clients, our communities, our teams, and our suppliers.  Aldelia encourages values of compassion, humility, resilience, and pride in our work.  We learn fast, innovate, and actively look for ways to make a difference in the communities we serve and in the wider world. Every Aldelian is a game-changer and a change-maker - we cultivate opportunity, we adapt, we strive - we live for the journey.

Operating in over 30 countries on four continents, including over 20 African nations, joining Aldelia opens up a world of discovery. Aldelians have the opportunity to make a difference by bridging the gap between talent and potential employers, by enhancing local employability, and by creating bespoke HR solutions across continents, industries, and markets. 

Join us as an Aldelian

Join an organisation that values its people, recognising they are its greatest asset.

Joining Aldelia means becoming part of a multi-cultural, multi-lingual organisation that actively promotes and embraces diversity.  We believe in equality and equal opportunity, and are committed to ensuring our recruitment process is fair and non-discriminatory. 
If you become an Aldelian, you’ll find a hybrid work culture that promotes Work-Life balance by combining office-based work and work from home, and recognises performance and hard work with reward schemes and public recognition. 

Whatever your field of expertise, or your location, the Aldelia Group offers opportunities to grow your career, and welcomes ideas from all employees, with a Group-wide open communication culture.  
Aldelia knows its people are its greatest asset, and prioritises employee health and well-being, providing healthcare, operating a Zero Tolerance discrimination policy, and ensuring every Aldelian is treated with dignity and respect.  As a socially-responsible company, we strive to create an enjoyable and engaging work environment, in the knowledge that our employees’ job-satisfaction has a direct impact on our ability to create positive change in the communities we operate in.

Join us as a partner, or as an Aldelian, and let’s grow towards a shared future, together.