Did you know that a degree is not enough to get your dream job? Employers around the world are not only looking at your qualifications, they are also looking for problem solving, creative thinking and adaptability in their applicants. This is where skills and additional training comes in. Studies have shown that having certain skill sets and training can put you in the top percentile and greatly increase your chances of getting your dream job. This is not only a win for your prospective employer (both local and international) but also a win for you as well because you are equipped with skills required to handle anything or challenges on the job. Yet another reason why training is so important is talents access to better paying jobs especially jobs in high demand like Machine learning, Data science etc. just to mention a few. At Areebajobs they understand this so well such that everything we do is geared towards helping you achieve that dream career, and therefore they are super excited to announce the launch our Training Portal. Here, they want to equip you with the skill sets you and your future employer need for a mutually beneficial and satisfying work journey. We have entered dynamic partnerships with both HP and IBM to further improve your career experience on Areebajobs. Our Partners understand the importance of training and its effect on the labor market and the standard of living of African talents and in doing so have provided a wide variety of courses on the Portal. Guess what? These courses are FREE of charge!!! That’s right. These free trainings come at no extra cost to you. So, what are you waiting for? Are you interested in transitioning from one industry to other, or are you looking for the opportunity to upskill and increase your chances of getting your dream well-paying job? Highlighted below are 10 courses out of a long list of trainings available to you on Areebajobs which you should consider.
  1. Project Management Fundamentals: A project if left unmanaged can go awry and cost your employer money with the risk of you losing your job as well. This is a course on project management can be helpful especially for non-project managers. It takes you through the rudiments of managing a project, its importance, and steps on achieving your employer’s goals and objectives.
  1. Artificial Intelligence: In this course you will be taught how it works and how to use it for everyday tasks in the 21st You will also learn how it is integrated in every phase of life as we develop new technologies.
  1. Data Science and Analytics: In today’s world, there is very little you can do without data. In this course you will be introduced to Data and the science behind it while you will be taken through the fundamentals of how you can gather and use data in forecasting.
  1. Banking and Financial markets Industry: This course will take you through one of the oldest professions in history; With it you will introduced to the basics of banking and finance, the challenges and new pathways in the industry.
  1. Cyber Security: Safety on the Internet is not to be underestimated as everyone is susceptible to hacking. With this course you will be introduced to cybersecurity, its importance and how it works.
  1. Social Media Marketing: Through this course you will be taken through the exciting and challenging world of social media marketing. Here, you will learn the fundamentals of social media platforms and the dynamic strategies used to market products online.
  1. JavaScript: Programming has taken its place of importance as one of the most sought-after skills in modern times and JavaScript is one of the most basic languages in programming. This course explains the language fundamentals step-by-step to cover the basic JavaScript concepts and give Beginners an understanding of the language.
  1. Health Care industry: Health is wealth. This is why the Healthcare industry continues to flourish and attract great talents. This course introduces you to healthcare basics and its impact on every area of life.
  1. DevOps: The term DevOps comes from merging the words development and operations. With DevOps, both teams work together to support the software lifecycle, from code design to deployment to production. This collaboration includes automating all of the tasks. It is another job that is in high demand with well-paying positions.
  1. Solving Problems with Critical and Creative Thinking: Problems are a part of life, the ability to solve these problems critically and creatively is in high demand. This course will help you develop the mindset required to solve problems and implement solutions more efficiently to bring about the desired outcomes.
  There you have it! These courses and many others await you on Areebajobs.com. All you have to do is register on to Areebajobs today and you are good to go with all the trainings available at the click of a button.